BCET Babeldaob Island Community-Based Eco-Tours

BCET is a framework formed by community people from Aimeliik State, Ngatpang State, Ngardmau State and Ngaraard State to introduce first ever "Community-Based Eco-Tourism" in Babeldaob Island in Palau.

BCET's long-term goal is to realize sustainable communities by balancing financial benefit to community people and proper conservation of nature and culture through tourism.
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Babeldaob Island and 4 States

Babeldaob Island is the biggest island with 10 states with rich nature and culture in Palau.
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Community-Based Eco-Tourism

1. Definition

Our definition of "Community-Based Eco-Tourism" is a tourism led by community people utilizing their daily lives including nature, culture, historical sites, antiquities, mythology, and local food with stories by local guides.
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2. Capacity and Intended Tourists

Since the key factor of this tourism is to develop friendly and respectful relationship between community people and tourists through tours, the capacity of each tour will be under 8 people. We hope responsible and eco-conscious tourists who are interested in nature and culture will enjoy spending time with community people in a relaxed manner.

Tour Plans

We can design your own tours connecting tourism assets for Half-Day to Whole-Day with local food for lunch and dinner. However, we strongly recommend that whole-day tour with local food for experiencing our nature and culture.

You can also choose to stay in one state for whole day or hop states every half-day.

In some communities, homestay program will be available. It will be the best way to enjoy bird-watching early in the morning and experience daily lives with your host family.

*Only among us, "Full Moon" period is very special in our tours.
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1. Transport

All tours include free transport between your accommodation and visiting states. (FYI: If you charter your transport by yourself, it will cost over $200 per day in Palau)

2. Tour Rates

We will request $200 per person for Whole-Day Tour with Local Food (Lunch only) and $220-250 per person for Whole-Day Tour with Local Food (Lunch & Dinner). *$100-150 per person for Half-Day Tour depends on the number of tourists.

3. Local Food

You can enjoy local food such as sea food, local chicken, taro, tapioca, vegetables, and fruits at lunch (and dinner if requested) in each tour.

4. Homestay

Homestay will be available in some communities at $50-80 per night including breakfast. You can enjoy precious time with your host family and early morning atmosphere in a local community. Bird-watching in the early morning will be available only by choosing this option.

5. On Your Request

We do not install online booking system but by emails because we consider developing relations with customers are the foundation of our tours. Please inform us your conditions such as; number of people, budget, date and time, food restrictions, and any interests by emails.
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State Information and Model Tours

Please explore 4 States below for your consideration.

Aimeliik State
Ngatpang State
Ngardmau State
Ngaraard State

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