History of Aimeliik State

Aimeliik, traditionally know as Ngerbuns is one of the 16 states of Palau.

According to Palau oral history Ngerebuns is one of the Milad’s children. Milad is a female demi-god. Aimeliik was the only female and the third child. The children of Milad, from the oldest to the youngest were Imeyuns (Ngeremlengui), Ngetelngal (Melekeok), Ngerbuns (Aimeliik), & Erenguul (Koror).

Ngerbuns was the only village in Palau which had four bai (chief’s meeting house) to represent each regional chief (normal practice of other villages of Palau, had only one bai with four corners, each corners represent the four high ranking chiefs of the village).

The four chiefs were equal in power and none is higher or lower than the other. When a meeting was called between the four regions, the four chiefs would meet and whatever was decided during their meetings would be final.

Rengulbai, chief of Ngerkeai was chosen among the four to be their spokesman because he had the control of the largest region of Aimeliik.