Local Guides in Aimeliik State

Lelly Obakerbau

- Aimeliik State Tourism Program employee.
- Lelly has a great knowledge of Aimeliik’s historical and cultural sites.
- She is a very open person; ask her anything she always has the answer for your questions. She always welcomes a person with a huge smile and her soft voice. First time meeting her is like she has known you for a decade.

Mary Tkel

- Aimeliik State Tourism Employee
- A very talented woman who can make something out of something. She weaves local baskets, make hair ornamentals, and even decorating.
- Great personality, she is very willing to help and teach others who want to learn local crafts.

Chyra D. Daniel

- Aimeliik State Administrative Clerk
- Young woman who has knowledge of historical and cultural resources of Aimeliik.
- Very open person and always willing to help others.

Shareen D. Siksei

- Adiministrative Assistant- Ministry of Education
- A former tourism employee of Aimeliik State but always makes time to give a tourist a tour in the great state of Aimeliik; to share her knowledge of her hometown’s treasures.