Five Things Must See in Aimeliik State

Bai Rekeai (Traditional Meeting House-for the chief’s only)

- The legend of the first Bai in Palau began in Aimeliik State. The present Bai sits on the location of the first Bai in Palau.
- Bai Rekeai was in ruins in the 1900’s but was rebuilt in 1982. It was rebuilt in 1982 in a traditional way. No nails were used when it was rebuilt.
- t is the only Bai in Palau that still has an Omball next to it. Omball is plate-shaped stone that was used to place a severed head of an enemy called “Blebaol.”

Ngerkelalk Terrace

- Terraces are man-made hills that were made by carving and removing of soils.
- Terraces were used for farming and defense reasons.
- Terraces were made when the settlement first moved inland.

Ngerbuns el Bad

- Ngerbuns el Bad is a sacred stone symbolizing Aimeliik State. Touching of the stone on the site is prohibited.
- Based on the legend of the goddess woman named Milad, she gave birth to four children that include Aimeliik; she placed the monoliths as symbols of her children.
- Ngerbuns el bad sits in one of Aimeliik’s known terrace Ngermeliik Terrace.

Kamosang Dock

- A great place to relax and enjoy the panoramic and ocean view and the breeze.
- Kamosang is a ruin of a pier that was built by the women of Ngerkeai. It was named Kamosang (literally means ‘so you see”) after the women of Ngerkeai built it, to show that not only men can do hard work but women as well.


- Ngerderar is one of Aimeliik’s State’s conservation areas.
- In Ngerderar you will see remains of war relics, old Japanese vehicles and Japanese hospital.
- Ngerderar was used by Japanese in the 1900’s for mahogany plantation.
- You can also see the Ucherderar stone in the river.
- Local medicinal plant has been created in the area so you can see different kind of local medicines and know its uses.
- Hike to the waterfall and enjoy the cold water.