Five Things Must Taste in Aimeliik State


- Kmai is another type of crab. It is Aimeliik State dish.
- It can be eaten raw with a side of soy sauce with lemon juice; it can also be cooked with coconut milk.


Kalbasang is pumpkin. It is cooked with coconut milk and sugar. It is soft and sweet, best local dessert.

Coral Clam

- Coral clams can be eaten raw with a side of soy sauce with lemon juice.
- It can also be eaten cooked with soy sauce and chopped onions or cooked with coconut milk with diced green onions.

Smoked Fish

- Fish are the best dish to taste.
- It can be eaten raw, fried, grilled, and even smoked. Smoked fish takes time to be cooked. The fish only cooks up by the heat of the fire. It is best eaten with a side of mayonnaise and soy sauce.

Root Crops

- A root crop includes tapioca, taro, giant taro, and sweet potatoes.
- Most root crops are planted and harvested 6 months later or a year, most of the households have their own farm for themselves.
- Root crops are best eaten with all the above listed. Go Local on your breakfast, lunch, and dinner!