Aimeliik State Mythology

Ucherderar of Ngerderar

Ucherderar was the chief of Ngerderar.

He was a demi-god and was carried everyday on a litter to the stream where he would bathe. This occurred several times a day, every day.

Men decided that next time they carried him to the stream; they would toss him into the stream and kill him so they would not be burdened by his requests.

After he was tossed, Ucherderar cursed the people. “Whenever Aimeliik holds a big feast there shall be torriental rain.” After he cursed them he turned into stone.

Today, the stone still stands in the Ngerderar river.

The Snake of Elechui

In ancient times, a gigantic snaked inhabited the hills of Elechui village.

Whenever the snake saw smoke, it would come down and consume people. Villagers were scared they fled to Ngetmel in Ngarchelong. One old woman was left alone in the village.

The gods blessed her with a son. The boy grew up and asked her mother if they were the only ones living in the village and why they were always eating raw food. His mother told him about the snake and how the others abandoned her.

The son was so saddened by his mother’s story that on the next day he gathered rocks and piled them up then he built a fire on each pile of rocks. The hungry snake saw the smoke it came down the hills toward the smoke and when it got close the boy began to feed it with the burning rocks until it died.

The people who fled heard about the death of the snake they returned back but the boy refused them.

They offered him plot of taro patch at the head of the stream, and if the bai got old he would be given to him to use as firewood. The boy accepted and allowed their entry.

Buil ma Eos

Buil ma Eos literally means Moon and Sun.

Iechaderngel a demigod, cut down a tree called blacheos (Gmelina Palauensis) in Ngerngel. He brought the tree to a flat rock and began to carve. He carved upon it the moon and the sun and went up to a mountain called Roisibuil.

From this mountain, Iechaderngel sent the sun into the sky and said that it will be hot and will light the day and help tell time to the world.

Then he sent the moon and said it will keep the world cool and we count up to 15 days it will grow bigger until it will light up the world and we will call it full moon.

The story links to significant coastal landmarks in Ngchemiangel.