Flag of Ngatpang State


Green Vines

They are called “besebes rar mechau” and its in a circle shape which stands for unity and togetherness, the vines are found in the village of “Ngeruchob” which is one of the 3 villages in Ngatpang, it cant be found anywhere in Palau. The vines are so strong it commonly used for fixing rafts, canoes, fishing equipments and houses as well.


It is made of type of clay that only can be found in ngatpang and no where else in Palau. The 3 strands that holds the lamp represents the 3 hamlets in Ngatpang which are, Ngimis,Ngerdubech and Ngeruchob.

White Background

It represents brightness,clarity and peace.

Blue inside the Lamp

It represents the blue ocean.

Fire of the Lamp

It represents life.