Ngatpang State Local Guides


“Buik ra Beluu” which translate ‘Local Town Boy” was raised in Ngatpang with his grandfather who was Chief Ridep at the time the no. 7 chief. Had learned history and local stories growing up, present time John is a State Legislator, member of the Ngatpang State Legislature, he also attend over 3yrs of eco-tourism training with The Sasakawa Peace Foundation in Japan. Today, John has a full time job as a “Conservation Coordinator” at the Palau Conservation Society (PCS)


- Is retired teacher at Ibobang Elementary School, the only elementary school in Ngatpang state.
- A master basket weaver.
- A great cook, usually the one preparing food for visitors to Ngatpang state.
- Also a member of Ngatpang state legislature in her 4th term as of today.

Note: There are also other Fishermen, Farmers and Master Weavers who also participate in our tours.