Ngatpang State Social Information


200 +

Number of Households


Land Area

9,700 acres (equivalent to 39.25 sq. km)

Traditional structure (chiefly system)

Rebelkuul, is the title of the highest chief among the 10 chiefs of the state known as the “Ngaimis” which each of them have female counterpart which usually the high ranking female of the clan who appoint them to bear the chief title in the first place. Chiefs are ranked from 1-10, the top 4 chiefs are the no.1 chiefs of the 4 clans of Ngatpang. The no.5-8 are the second high ranking chief of each clans second to the top 4 chiefs in order. The 9th and 10th chiefs are the right hand man to the no.1 and no.2 chiefs.


Ngatpang state, situated in the Mid-west of the Babeldaob island, it has high rocky cliffs, mangroves and owns 95% of the famous Ngermeduu Bay, which is the largest bay and watershed in also has ancient terraces,stone carved monoliths, Japanese shires and waterfalls.